Tuesday, 2 December 2008

BBC 1 Live Broadcast

Live streaming broadcast demonstrating the capabilities and reliability of the EasyST WiMAX router.

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*** The “EYE” opens over Manchester***

*** The “EYE” opens over Manchester***

EyeWiMAX launches the lifestyle brand in Manchester… and invite the city to get involved!

Something very special is happening in Manchester and it’s happening right now. The eyes of the world are focused on this city, focused through the lens of EyeWiMAX, the company that is set to make Manchester the world’s first WiMAX city.

You'll know about Wi-Fi hotspots, located in cafes and coffee shops... well, EyeWiMAX has turned Manchester into one big WiMAX hotspot, as though there were a digital snow dome protecting the entire city. WiMAX is, essentially, internet through the air, so there is no need for phone lines - never again will you need to feel disconnected.

You will be able to navigate your life with consummate ease. “The success of the WiMAX city programme has been an exciting step forward for everyone in Manchester and has open up a raft of new opportunities for local businesses, citizens and visitors, ensuring they are best connected anywhere in the city”.

But WiMAX is much more than merely a communication technology. Life in the 21st Century is all about connectivity; the web connecting people through music and movie downloads, on-line gaming, and real-time sports viewing.

EyeWiMAX will mirror this by evolving into a true lifestyle brand, Manchester’s very own WiMAX company. Parts of Manchester are already WiMAX enabled and the gaps will be filled in over the coming year. At that point EyeWiMAX will celebrate Manchester status as a ‘Wireless City’ with an extravaganza of gaming, film & music… essentially, all the good stuff in life (and the cultural food that has kept this city so well fed over the years).

Equally, there will also be new on-line TV channels and therefore a need for talented individuals to get in touch with their ideas for what they would like to see on TV, or even to produce and present that content themselves. At this stage, EyeWiMAX has opportunities in the city for anyone interested in this most exciting of projects.

If you are as enthused as we are, and keen to find out more, or to get involved with the TV channels, music events or the WiMAX Liberation itself, please contact us by emailing to register@eyewimax.com , or text eyewimax to 81696 followed by your name and postcode and connect yourself to the backbone of the internet.

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